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Creating a Conducive Space for Writing

Writing messy deskBeing a writer might seem like the ideal job: you are your own boss and you, for the most part, keep your own schedule. But there is a common affliction: the dreaded writer’s block. The block might not be in your mind though; rather, it could be the work space you’ve cultivated for writing. To counter that, there are a few techniques to ensure the thing never sets in to begin with.

The first thing you need to do, and this might sound easy, is create a distraction free workspace. If you’re unstructured, undisciplined and prone to a wandering mind, this might prove difficult since anything might set you off on another tangent. To counter that, make sure that you writing room or office is absolutely free of anything that serves as procrastinatory devices: electronic gadgets should be the first things to go. Loud artwork, books not related to your work, TV, non-necessary internet devices, radios, iPods, down to the clock that ticks on your desk should go.

Never be too comfortable when you’re writing or elect for writing on a bed or comfy couch because more often than not, you’re going to end up drifting off into a nap instead of writing. Writing shouldn’t be any different from a regular job: set a schedule and a dedicated work ethic and you’ll notice you’ve stopped wasting as much time as before. You can take breaks but make them constructive: have a snack, stretch out, maybe take a walk to re-energize your gray cells.

Make sure you’re working in a peaceful, noise-free environment because things like gardeners mowing the lawn, pets clawing at the door or kids running through the house and that cultured train of thought can vanish. Lock the door, put on a set of noise-cancelling headphones and turn on a soothing melody, or whatever helps you work, and get down to it.

Welcome to your Zen Zone. You’ve created that space conducive for writing and creativity but now it’s up to you maintain it. Keep it in order: room tidy and clean, paperwork piled and neat but not too piled, and make sure you dust and vacuum your place of work regularly. You’d be surprised at how often your mind mimics the surroundings in which it works regularly. This is your space now and you’ll find you want to keep it that way since it keeps the dreaded writers block away.

Good luck!

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