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10 Ways Twitter Helps Writers

Twitter WritersTwitter is more than just an online social networking tool for celebrities or random people on the internet and can, more so than Facebook, be used as an interactive platform for writers.

Here are some of the benefits of tweeting for authors:

1.       By following others in the publication industries, it can keep you informed of various related events and trends in your genre or give you ideas for articles.

2.      Networking, networking, networking and Twitter can help you get there by putting you into easy touch with publishers, agents, readers and might even help you in finding joint venture collaborators.

3.      Putting yourself on the map through a stream of helpful and informative posts suiting your genre. For example, children’s authors can tweet about literacy and education; mainstream novelists can talk about their genre by posting useful articles, tips, etc.

4.      Promotion for your latest book or venture. Through the subtle art of persuasion and not plugging it too much or too often [you don’t want your feed to read like a continuous sales pitch after all], you can promote your latest project.

5.      Meet potential readers or customers and/or staying in touch with existing readership. You can gain new followers through attaching keywords to your tweets relevant to your genre and literary style.

6.      Promoting events like podcasts, conferences, interviews, etc by linking to them in your twitter feed.

7.      Communicating with your peers by asking help. You’ll be surprised just how helpful people can be, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

8.      Help out your peers and cohorts by linking them to informative articles and resources like books and products that may be helpful to them.

9.      Host an impromptu writing contest exclusively for your twitter followers and throw out a free gift for whoever retweets your competition tweet.

10.   Stay in touch with your followers from anywhere through a wide range of mobile applications.

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