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Making Money Writing Self-Help / Spirituality Books

Self Help BooksIf you are a self-help expert and have been contemplating writing a book for some time, stop contemplating and start doing. Countless writers “plan” to write a book someday, but the key thing to remember is that sooner rather than later you will need to translate that thought into action. Publication isn’t just a sense of self-worth, it also brings with it admiration from perfect strangers.

Here are ten reasons why you should become an author today, particularly if you are in the self-help or spiritual areas:

1.  You gain a sense of recognition by industry experts by having your name on the cover.

2.  The media industry loves self-help experts and often uses them every chance it gets.

3.  You are upping your chances for speaking engagements through being a published author.

4.  Income generation. Sure you might not be a millionaire, but you’ll definitely be generating more income than you were when you were “planning”.

5.  High school reunions! That’s right—you can finally flaunt your success over the “lesser mortals”.

6. Successful publication can do wonders for your self-esteem.

7. Ever felt like you weren’t “smart”? Authoring a book will cure you of that ridiculous notion.

8. With a book under your belt, publication will create new and lucrative business opportunities.

9. You will finally be able to conduct workshops and seminars and will have authoritative weight behind your words.

10. It helps in breaking the ice at large gatherings. You might just be considered a celebrity.

But when it comes down to it, you should write because you have to—there is a monster inside of you that won’t let up until you don’t write it down—the list above becomes more of an “oh yes, this too”. Honest and motivated writing will only come if you want to write, which in of itself will only come when you are motivated and disciplined to get to the final chapter. And it can be difficult—no one said writing would be easy—there will be down days where all you’ve got to show for yourself at day’s end is 2 pages worth of writing. But the important thing to remember is to push through.

You are an author: you always have been and always will be. Keep your eye on the ball and get writing!

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#2 Antreina 2013-04-11 11:00
Wow! My manuscript is in the editing process. Self-help is my category. A word given to me while in prayer, led me to writing a book. It was like a force that kept pushing me through songs in my head, waking me up in through the middle of the night and morning singing. While singing, I would find my self suddenly writing. I was confused, I started questioning what I was doing and I was led to a passage in the bible...

John 13:7 You do not realize now what I'm doing, but later you will understand. Trust Him!:-)
#1 Mike 2011-11-16 00:31
I am putting together a fund raising project for my church featuring 52 Biblical quotes, a small preface and end piece, 1 cover colour picture,no other pictures,room for personal note taking on each page. Each page A5. Can I do this with you ? If so how much for a run of 500 ?