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The Book Trends to Watch in 2011

Book TrendsSocial Reading

This is an online group discussion where everyone talks about the book and the circle is not limited to co-workers or friends and is like forums where everyone can see everyone else’s comments, questions, etc. and discuss them. This is the year when this concept will become widespread.

e-Book Clubs

Considering the number of books published in 2009 alone [1 million at the latest review], readers need to make sense of all that content and editors are stepping up to oblige. Editors are now working digitally to collect a best of the best list(s), with readers voting on how often they would like to receive new titles. Readers can opt for different e-book bundles with the commitment to purchase a set number of titles at a discounted price.

Bundled Books

Various publishers have experimented with the concept but in 2011 the experimentation will become more widespread. Major online book retailers will bundle in books by the same author, the same topic and/or present readers with an online and in print edition.

e-First Publishing

This entails publishing the book in electronic form first as a tester session on how well it will perform and then issuing print copies for those who prefer holding a book, vs reading it on screen. At this point, that still numbers most of the reading public.

Cheap/Affordable/Free e-Readers

Dedicated digital readers are a niche market that publishers will be looking to expand this year, and e-Readers are the built-in gadgets that perpetuate this market. Currently, most e-Readers are priced at or over $100 making them pricy accessories. Prices for e-Readers will fall and readers will be encouraged to join e-Book Clubs and book bundles at incentive discounts.


Publishers will continue to dedicate resources to finding new forms of monetizing content which will include sponsored links, subscription delivery, all-you-can-read bundles at low prices and in-book advertising.

With so many things happening in the publishing industry, I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. The great thing is that the infrastructure for much of the above already exists: it just takes someone capitalizing on it and setting the precedent for what all’s to come.

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