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Wedding Album Books

Creating and Printing a Wedding Book

Wedding books are becoming one of the most popular books among families as they serve as both a record of a family event, and are a great place to include pictures of the family that will be cherished for years to come.
We can help you make your Wedding Book a reality, and the sky is the limit in terms of content, size and what you would like accomplished. You are in complete control of your project. Below, we’ll give you an outline to help start your wedding book publishing process.

Where to Start
If you haven’t already composed the content of your Wedding Book, there are a few things to consider before you get started.

Producing a Photo Book
Most people who create wedding books are doing so on their own home computers, with any one of the more sophisticated document creation software packages that are available.

In most cases the bulk of the content of the book is graphics (pictures) with some supporting text. For this reason using the right software will be important as you will need the flexibility to layout your book and manipulate it as needed. In order to print your wedding book, the file will need to be on contiguous file, so in this case it will be page after page of graphics.

Selecting the right software to product your wedding book can be a bit confusing Below, we’ve outline some of most common to help you select.

  1. Quark Express and Adobe InDesign
    These are best for wedding book layouts. They can handle complex page design and produce excellent results when used for pictures and graphics that will be a big par of your book.
    The draw back of these programs is that they do take time to learn, and are bit more expensive to purchase, but they are the required tool.

  2. Microsoft Word and WordPerfect
    Although both of these products are excellent word processors, for handling large volumes of graphics and unique page layouts, neither one of these are best at these tasks. We do recommend other products for wedding book design, if at all possible.

Editing and proofreading your Wedding Book
Typically a wedding book will contain little text, therefore there is little editing that needs to be done. Since there is so little text, it is even more crucial that editing be done as when there is so little text, any errors tent to stand out and distract from the graphics that are predominant.

We highly recommend proofreading your wedding book before any printing is undertaken.

Wedding Book Size Layout
Since the paper your children’s book will be printed on comes in specific sizes, it’s best to try and keep within some of more cost effective formats.

The most common size for wedding books is around 8.5” by 11”

Wedding Book Binding Types
The four main ways Wedding Books can be put together or "bound" are listed below, along with their pros and cons.

  1. Hardcover: 50 to 1,000 pages: These are the most expensive to produce but are also the most valued because they look excellent, and are long lasting. They can also be more desirable as they are a premium product and command a top dollar. Disadvantages, cost to produce, and weight for shipping.

  2. Soft Cover Perfect Binding: Approximately 40 to 300 pages: These types of soft cover books are very popular as they are less costly to produce while still retaining a quality aspect about them because they have a square back.

Wedding Book Cover
The cover of your book is a very important element of your entire wedding book project.

Depending on the type of binding your select, the cover can be plain, or it can have pictures or graphics, along with a title, printed on it.

If you are designing your own cover, remember to make sure it is larger than your actual book size to accommodate the final trimming of your books. If you will be using any images or graphics on the cover that need to print with high quality, we recommend using a professional graphic program like Adobe Photoshop for best results.

Creating Wedding Photo Books Online

wedding albums onlineNewlyweds no longer have to send their precious keep sake wedding album to their family and hope for it’s safe return. Today's couples can create wedding photo books online and have them printed and mailed to whomever they like. It is easy to create an online album; all you need to know how to do is point and click with your mouse.

Couples have a selection of sites where they can upload pictures and make unique wedding photo books. Many of the online marriage album sites offer custom book design templates so you can make your album look just the way you want it. You then upload your images and place them where you would like.

The great thing about these wedding photo books sites is that you don’t have to be an IT professional to make your book, as the online tools are user friendly. If you can type and point a mouse you will be able to utilize these high tech web sites. To upload your photographs, the online wedding album sites include photo software with their programs. This permits the user to upload their photographs from a CD-ROM, diskette or online photograph center right into their wedding album. One of the joys of utilizing an online wedding album is the attractive fonts and backgrounds that are available for you to personalize your book and pictures. Users can create a formal or casual look with the backgrounds and clip art available. People that are very creative will enjoy the drop and drag capacities of these programs. Some sites even permit users to edit pictures and add captions for each photograph.