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Self Publishing Children’s Books WHILE Appealing to Teachers

TeacherTeachers are willing to spend a lot of money on quailty children’s books.  How can you as an author reach this audience whom are always looking for that "next great story" to read to his or her class?  Teachers look for books that have a teachable (workable/manipulative) theme or message.  In order to appeal to this specific group of people, the story you write should easily branch to a lesson that can be used throughout many grade levels, i.e. a story that might interest children from Kindergarten to Grade Three, or Grade Four to Grade Six.  A lesson does not necessarily mean a message of values or morals (though it can), a lesson can lead to an activity that the students can actively participate in.

Here are a few tips for how to get your children’s picture book published.

Step one
Use your imagination and creativity to think up and develop an idea for a children's picture book.

Step two
Utilize a word processor/computer to develop the story for the children's picture book.  Throughout the development stage, make a rough draft by printing out one sentence per page.  Revise and edit until you are satisfied with a final draft.

Step three
In order to research new trends in the children's book publishing industry, visit your local library and bookstores.  Spend some time researching books there in order to make sure your story is one that will appeal to readers. Read or re-read classic children's books to familiarize yourself with successful stories.

Step four
Make an informational letter describing your children's picture book. Include important information regarding the tale and your experience as a writer.  Send copies of these to some teachers in your target demographic to get their feedback. Tweak your book using the feedback given.

Step five

Print out manuscript versions of the entire picture book. Have at least one teacher (the more, the better) review your book before sending it to print.

Step six

Once your book is printed, market your book directly to teachers by advertising it on teacher related websites and attending teacher conferences. Send out some free copies to local elementary school teachers. This will get you much needed word of mouth advertising and will place your book in a spot where other teachers will see it when they come to visit the classroom.

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