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self publishing guideBecoming a published author is not complicated. When you publish your own book, you can have it created any way you want. You are in complete control. You can take the path of traditional book design or create your own. It all depends on who your audience is and how you intend to distribute and market your book. Being an author means you need to get your book in other people’s hands so that they can benefit from your creation, and there are as many different ways of achieving this as there are kinds of books.

At BookMark Self Publishing, our goal is to help visitors through the process of creating their own books.
Our series of self publishing guides, "How to Become a Self Published Author", was created to assist authors with the self publishing and print on demand process.

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Self Publishing - How To Write, Print & Sell Your Own Book ebook

 Publishing GuideEvery writer has a voice that they long to be heard. It is just a matter of getting that voice out to the public by way of the book. Unfortunately, the big publishing houses will very rarely take a book by an unknown author. Most of them do not accept unsoliticted manuscripts at all and most will only deal with literary agents.

Literary agents do not usually accept manuscripts from an unknown writer, either. They look for books from someone who has a proven track record and will make them money. Agents usually have a law degree and act as a lawyer on behalf of their clients. Like most lawyers, they do not like to work for free unless they feel that there is something in it for them.

How to Self Publish with Google eBooks

Google EbookstoreGoogle has finally announced officially its Google Books for the Android Marketplace. This comes 2 months after its venture started into eBooks, and the Google eBookstore.  With over three million titles available, Google is now set to be able to rival bookstore giant Amazon and to take on Apple and the iPhone.

To make its new venture even more appealing to everyone, Google ebooks and Google eBookstores will operate with all eBook formats.

All this makes the Google eBookstore another great market for self-publishers to distribute and sell their ebooks through.