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Free Self Publishing

Lulu.com: Free Self-Publishing

lulu.comFor a self publishing service we recommend Lulu.com. Unlike other self publishing companies, lulu’s service is completely based online. What this means is that you can have your book published and ready to be mailed to you in 15 minutes. There’s no waiting for days or weeks just to have your book files reviewed like other self publishing companies.

What we really like is that you can add your book to their market place and have it ready to sell for free. When someone orders your book, lulu prints and ships it to them and you receive a commission. This is great way to test market your book without spending a dime.

Another benefit is that with lulu, you only pay for what you need. Although Lulu offers design and distribution services like other self publishing companies, they are optional. If all you want to-do is upload your files and order one book for your review, then lulu only charges you for printing one book.

Lulu’s Process works as follows:

1.) Upload your files. Print ready PDFs work the best.

2.) Select you binding type. Soft cover OR Hard Cover.

Binding Types

3.) Select your book size. Anywhere from a small pocket books to large A4 sizes are available.

Book Sizes

4.) Select you color or black & white printing.

Color or Black & White

5.)  Select your paper type. Available in both economical and quality options.

6.) Order your books. You can order as many book as you would like, for a affordable price. You don’t even need to order any copies, but we recommend ordering at least one copy of your book for your own review before trying to sell it.

7.) You can use Lulu’s market place to promote and sell your book. This is optional, if you only want to print copies of your book for yourself, you can opt-out of having your book listed with Lulu.

Lulu also has many other add-on services available. So, If you need your book edited or a covered designed, you can request these services before going to print.

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Creating a Photo Book with Lulu

photobook publishing

Whether you’re looking to create your own photo book to sell or looking to make a book to remember the special occasion like a wedding, you can find what you need using Lulu’s photo book service.

Using Lulu’s site, you build you photo book completely online. They even let you upload your photos from sites like flickr, photobucket and facebook, so you don’t even have to dig around your hard drive looking for photographs.

How it works:

1.) Choose your binding type. There are many options available for both soft cover and hard cover.

Covr Types

2.) Select you book size

3.) Pick your theme. There are a variety of themes to fit every occasion.

Book themes

4.) Upload and add you’re your photos

5.) Print and publish your book. You can order as little as 1 book at a time for yourself. You can also add your book to the market place, so other people can buy it while you get a commission for every book sold.

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How it works:

It's easy to create your photo book with Lulu.com using your digital photos. Make a photo book fast and affordably with Lulu using our free online Studio tool. Choose from a range of sizes and cover types, upload or import your photos or images and select a professionally designed theme to create a high quality custom color printed photo book. Order your own copies, or publish and sell your photo book on Lulu.com.

Photo books

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Coupon Code: APRILPHOTOS13