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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank-you for your interest in advertising with us. Please CONTACT US if you would like to discuss advertising opportunities.

Standard Ads

We have a variety of different advertising spots available, including:

  • 468x60 Top
  • 120x240 Side
  • 120x600 Side
  • 160x600 Side
  • 468x60 Bottom
  • 728x90 Bottom

Sponsored Articles

We also can provide sponsored article spots, where we will place your article on the main page as a normal post. This article will stay on our main page until it is moved off by newer content (usually 1-3 weeks). Sponsored articles will stay archived on our site forever in our sponsored article section.


Our newsletter goes out bi-monthly to our members. Here we can provide 468x60, 120x90 or text ads.

Custom Advertising and Co-op Opportunities.

Have an advertising idea you would like to try??? We’re open to discussing it.

Do you have a related site and would like to work on ideas for sharing traffic? We’re happy to discuss ideas like banner swaps, guest blogging, newsletter plugs,  etc.

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